Improvised_Music Group

Rua Filipe Mata 95 3ºesq
Lisbon 1600-070


Improvised_Music Group

About Improvisation  

“At least once in life every human being improvises. A baby stuttering his first syllables, a kid at school trying to disguise his ignorance during a hard test, a politician making people believe he's a real man. Be it instrumental or vocal, improvisation is the purest form of artistic expression and should respected and encouraged as such - in any possible way. A primal instinct, a thought, any gesture, the final result, they all MUST be real and coming directly from brain and heart at the same time.  Improvising is not about a formula, not about superimposition of Locrian upon Mixolydian; craziness, sweetness, rage and humour go together like in everyday's life...
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